Rebuilding After Natural Disaster


In  recent years there have been a number of these:

tsunamis, tornadoes, hurricanes and big storms,

and they left the kind of damage which can be seen in these pictures,

After these catastrophes people have to face the difficult and very expensive task of rebuilding the damaged areas, villages, neighborhoods. But is it wise to rebuild at locations where these disasters are likely to occur in the future again and again? What should be done?

You are going to listen to a 4-minute NPR program entitled How And Where Should We Rebuild After Natural Disasters.  In this program,  a reporter and three experts discuss the issues.

First let’s prepare for the listening task .



In order to learn and practice some new words which you might need to complete the listening tasks go  here  , and have fun.

thCA0DFIN0 taskLearn about the task

Next, find out about the task. At this location you will find the   document that contains the  first two tasks . Print the  document.  Read the document.


thCAJQCTNK list to radioFind the report on NPR by following this link. Now you can listen to the report. Note: the segment starts with a commercial. Complete the two  tasks. Then check your answers here.

There is a third task. For this you will find the task sheet here. Print it. Listen to he report for the third time, and fill in the missing words.